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SuperCollider is an open-source object-orientated realtime audio synthesis programming language that runs efficiently across platforms. Below is some of my work for it in the form of classes and plugins.

I also have code published as quarks (AudioMulchClock, Bjorklund, Ease, PopUpTreeMenu, redGrain, redMst, redSampler, redSys, redUniverse, sInstruments, TraerPhysics, UGenPatterns) and here and here

SuperCollider ClassesπŸ”—


A hacked default synth. Note: this class will overwrite your default synth at recompile. Though it is easy to undo and get back to normal. See the accompanying help file for info. Used to be a quark.


Class for decoding mobile phone text messages (SMS).


Class for generating, parsing, manipulating and converting MaxMPSJitter patches.


A complete ft2 compatible tracker that can parse and play back .xm files (extended module).


A class that can parse and play back .mod files. Also works as a [glitch] tracker.


Deal with playing cards.


Class for formatting strings.


This utility class keeps track of documents in a folder. I use it like a quicklauncher.

external link version 050128.


Genetic algorithms. Breed synths in SuperCollider. Includes RedGAPhenome for translating an array of floats into a SynthDef.


Pattern class for 1D cellular automata.

external link, more info: /f0blog/work-with-mark-cellular-automata/


Low-level code sharing.

SuperCollider Class ExtensionsπŸ”—


Extension for beatmatching, interpolation, synchronisation.

external link


3D extension for the Pen class.

server window hackπŸ”—

external link

SuperCollider Plugins/UGensπŸ”—


Some externals for SuperCollider

Also see

Previous versions:


Old plugins. Bitwise calculations for SC synth (BitAnd, BitLeftShift, BitNot, BitOr, BitRightShift, BitUnsignedRightShift, BitXor).

Note: SuperCollider version 3.5 now has native support for bitwise operations on UGens, so you can use &, |, bitXor, >>, <<>. My bit plugins are only provided here for backwards compatibility. Do not use them for new projects!

Other SuperCollider WorkπŸ”—


A collection of instruments written in collaboration with Tamas Ungvary.

generated synthsπŸ”—

Synths generated using the RedGAPhenome class: n_noises and n_fmsynths.
More info and mp3 excerpts.

Synths generated by other means: n_fm7patches (req. Stefan Kersten's FM7 plugin from sc3-plugins.
More info and mp3 excerpts.

tiny piecesπŸ”—

1hour live coding practice, Aug 2006
external link

1hour live coding practice, Jun 2007
external link

1hour coding practice - with the restriction to use only one SynthDef, Apr 2009 link

SuperCollider TutorialsπŸ”—

Audiovisual Programming, UdKπŸ”—

Teaching material for my AudiovisualProgramming lectures 2009 - 2018. Mainly SuperCollider but also examples in Unity, Puredata, Arduino and Processing.

Audiovisuals with SCπŸ”—

An article about the mapping of simple graphics to sound.

Livekode LydπŸ”—

Material from a live coding SuperCollider workshop organised by Notam. Oslo, Feb 2014.

3DMIN workshopπŸ”—

Material from a SuperCollider workshop held at UdK Berlin Oct 2013.

Audiovisual Programming / mapping and visualizationπŸ”—

Part of Sonic Seminars 2012. A SuperCollider workshop organised by lullcec. Barcelona, May 2012. Course outline.

Practical Sound AnalysisπŸ”—

Part of Sonic Seminars 2011. A SuperCollider workshop organised by lullcec. Barcelona, Oct 2011. Course outline.


Generating sounds that look good. A SuperCollider workshop organised by skaneskonst. MalmΓΆ, Oct 2011.

Switch from PdπŸ”—

A one-day SuperCollider workshop organised by lullcec. Held at Hangar, Barcelona, May 2011.

Pointillistic SoundπŸ”—

A practical seminar on granular sound synthesis with SuperCollider. A workshop organised by lullcec. Held at Hangar, Barcelona, Oct 2010.

Particular SoundπŸ”—

An in-depth look at granular sound synthesis using the free and open-source programming environment SuperCollider. A workshop held at N.K., Jun 2010.

Audiovisuals with SCπŸ”—

Files from a workshop held at pickledfeet, Mar 2009.


SuperCollider Study Group at IAMAS, Japan. Every friday afternoon, Jul - Nov 2008.

See wiki with notes, tutorials, examples (in both English and Japanese) and /f0blog/supercollider-study-group-scsg-in-japan/.

Switch from Max!πŸ”—

A one-day workshop focusing on the free software SuperCollider and why programming with syntax can be both easier and far superior to the graphical ditto (a.k.a. patching). From a workshop held at pickledfeet, Mar 2008.


Aimed to quickly produce some nice sounds using various {}.play tricks and the Tdef class. From a workshop held at pickledfeet, Mar 2007.

beginner tutorialsπŸ”—

Focusing on UGens and JITLib. From a two day course organised by EMS, Stockholm, May 2004.

Older SuperCollider 2 Stuff (Mac OS9 only)πŸ”—

IDM - summer courses SC2πŸ”—

Tutorials written by Nick Collins and me for the IDM02 summer course are available here:


Version 010809 / req. SC2


Version 010816 / req. SC2


Version 010822 / req. SC2


Version 010911 / req. SC2


Version 011215 / req. SC2

attack of the mutant pigsπŸ”—

Version 020104 / works with both SC2 and SC server