default synth hack

i recently implemented something nick collins and i discussed a long time ago (sc2 era - custom event class). it is a 'hack' of the default synth in supercollider. ie the one that many of the help and example files uses. so when you install my class, the default file will be overwritten and all the slightly daft pattern examples will from there on spring into new life.

distributed via supercollider's package system quarks.
how to install:
download supercollider

update 111116: redDefault is no longer a quark. it's available here.

then run some examples. most of the ones in and work very well. see for more info.

(and yes, it is easy to uninstall and get back to the boring default synth)

just to compare - here's first an example taken from a helpfile playing on the default synth...

and this is the exact same example with my hack installed...

not only does it create a new synthesiser, it also changes duration, attack/release times, amplitude etc. the pitches are mapped to a diminished chord in a somewhat strange way: the slower the duration - the greater the leap between the notes to quantise to. eg if half or whole notes, only octaves will be heard.