one bit music workshop

as part of the xxxxx-workshops series at this year's club transmediale, i was asked to do a day on one bit music. this is a very silly way to produce music - basically flipping pins on/off with no amplitude control! but i liked the challenge and for me limitations like these are needed to get anything done at all. thanks to anke, martin and derek for organising.
attached are the slides, arduino code and schematics we used that day.

the workshop (6-hours short) was divided into 3 parts: first some theory about microcontrollers, avr programmers and coding in c. then we used arduino to prototype some simple synths (bit-bang and pwm techniques). and last we took the arduino code and burned it onto a standalone mega8l chip and built minimal circuits (some buttons, battery, chip, speaker).

if you want to try to do sound synthesis with the arduino, you might want to check out the files in below. this file also includes code for my little synth called monijonsyn.