soldering is such a nice relief from coding. for years i've had an old pc-joystick laying around (thank you abe). i knew i wanted to build something from it - something that would produce lovely noise - and yesterday i finally got around to hack it. the joystick now contains a slightly modified micro_noise synth circuit (based on a design by SGMK mechatronicart.ch). it also holds a 9v battery and the pc-connection cable now serves as sound output cable with standard 1/4 jack.

micro_noise_joy from redFrik on Vimeo.

i used the switches and potentiometers that the joystick had and it was very quick to build and cost me virtually nothing. i just cut some cables and soldered them onto a tiny circuit board together with a few components. see the schematics below. the only visible change is the jack output and a the led i mounted in the case.