clean-up #7:

today i cleaned up and finished a class belonging to my redSys quark. the class can read and write bitmap images (.bmp files). to get it run the following command in supercollider...


it's a fairly slow and useless class but well, it can generate images relatively fast. and saving to disk is also quite quick. but avoid drawing the images to screen. the built in makeWindow method is very slow as it goes through width*height number of pixels and draws a rectangle for each using Pen.

b= RedBMP(640, 480, 32); {|i|
        var x= i%b.width;*2pi+sin(x*0.11)), sin(i*0.01+sin(x*0.1)).abs);

this code outputs the following file (notice the alpha channel)...
1.2mb windows v3 bmp, 640x480, 72dpi