clean-up #14:

hamburg from redFrik on Vimeo.

here is a file from a short introduction to / demonstration of supercollider given at the hochschule für musik und theater hamburg, july 2009. it was all live-coded from scratch during my talk, but in the video above i just run through the lines one by one found in the file (attached).
i recorded this screencast and published the code to serve as an example for people new to and curious of supercollider. pardon the silly music.

the \asdf synth definition is a phase modulation synth with some random panning. \hh and \sn are both built by filtering noise and the \bd is a simple oscillator. all three definitions uses a percussive envelope.
all pdefs (the sequencers sort of) are set to use a quantise of 4. that means that any change i do in the sequencing code waits to kick in until the next bar (4/4, 60bpm).
at 01:35 i start live-coding some changes to the \bd bass drum. first changing the duration from a static 0.5 to a stream of numbers using the pseq. then i change the release time (hard to hear) and last i play with the frequencies. that might give an idea of how one can interact with code in supercollider and change the system as it is running.

update 180101: changed file format from rtf to scd

Binary Data hamburg.scd3.09 KB