tweets 0220-0225

clean-up: #45

today i recorded and uploaded my latest six supercollider sctweets to my soundcloud account. they were all recorded using sc3.7a0 and audacity for trimming, normalising, adding a quick fadeout and exporting.
recording short soundfiles of these one-liners help non sc-users get an idea about what is going on and it's also good for archiving. they make it possible to, in the future when sc3.7a0 is long gone, go back and listen to what the code did produce.

a=SinOsc;play{,b=Buffer.alloc(s,9e4));,c*6)/,a ar:3,b,c+3,2,12),9)}// #SuperCollider


a=SinOsc;play{tanh((,2))[5,4],*1.1,*2))*1.4,c,5,4).ceil*99)),9))}// #SuperCollider


a=SinOscFB;play{((,2).lag(b=1/67))[99,98]*50.666**b,c),c%2),50),b,b)).tanh}// #SuperCollider


a=LFSaw;play{*,0,Dseq(ceil(a ar:d)+d*99,inf)),f))}// #SuperCollider


a=SinOsc;play{,b=LocalBuf(c=2e5,2).clear,[2,3]*9)*c,0);[2,3])/3,b,[99,145]).abs*c);d}// #SuperCollider


a=LFSaw;play{b=(1..8)*99;,1,99),b/,1,99))*,}// #SuperCollider