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redUniform - Wireless Hardware

2008-07-21 07:31 electronics

I have constructed a wireless sensor system for my performance costume. It has 2 accelerometers (3-axis ADXL330, SparkFun - same as in the Wii remote I believe) and 4 switches (digital). Both receiver and transmitter use a microcontroller (ATmega8, Atmel) and a transceiver (Mirf v2, SparkFun).

Below is a short video, some pictures, SuperCollider classes and also the schematics and the complete firmware if you want to build the thing yourself.

The AVR programmer (USBtinyISP kit v2.0) and the electronic parts needed...

redUniform electronic parts1redUniform electronic parts2

The receiver and transmitter...

redUniform circuits1redUniform circuits2

Sensors are sewn in...

redUniform photo1redUniform photo2redUniform photo3redUniform photo4

ruru 1966


  • 081008: transmitter firmware and schematics updated - added 2 more switches (pins PD6 and PD7)
  • 081010: also attached the SuperCollider class RedUniform.sc with help file
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