selected work experience:

  • self-employed full time musician/composer/videoartist/developer since 2000
  • feb2011-dec2016 hardware and software developer. rhyme research project, oslo, norway
  • mar2007-oct2007 software developer. ifields research project, certec/furuboda, lund, sweden
  • mar2004-mar2006 research fellow. prof mark d'inverno, university of westminster, london, uk
  • feb2003-oct2003 software developer. the intelligent street project, interactive institute, uk/se

selected education:

  • 1996-2000 composition - master of fine arts. royal university college of music, stockholm
  • 1994-1996 arrangement & composition - diploma. luleå university of technology
  • 13 years of classical and jazz trumpet studies

selected stipends:

  • 2009 summer residency. as composer for the european bridges ensemble, hamburg, germany
  • 2008 6 months, artist in residence, iamas, japan
  • 2008 a big dog in a small package, artists-in-residence, fabrik potsdam, germany
  • 2006 residency, visby international centre for composers, sweden

selected performances:

  • live music solo performances as redfrik
  • live video collaborations and performances as /f0 (djs, dancers, improv. musicians, composers, ensembles etc.)
  • live audiovisuals with klipp av in 9 countries including tours in japan, usa and australia
  • appearances at ica (london), pixelache (helsinki), steim (amsterdam), subtonic (nyc), transmediale (berlin), liquid architecture (sydney), icmc (copenhagen), superdeluxe (tokyo), fylkingen (stockholm) etc.

selected installations/exhibitions:

  • together with musicalfieldsforever: searching voices, orfi, vinings, unfoldings, strainings, tigertales, mufi, dobedj, wave, reflect, polly
  • exhibited at doga (oslo), kulturhuset (stockholm), half-machine (copenhagen), m12 (berlin), cybersonica (london), museum of contemoprary art (roskilde), rooseum center for contemporary art (malmö) etc.

selected releases:

  • ep 'medley' on netlabel chordpunch (CP0X0F 2014)
  • 1 track on 'rara avis' - synthesized bird calls (alku 99 2011)
  • mattias petersson & fredrik olofsson 'ström' (sound art iv - the swedish scene, dvd 2009)
  • mattias petersson & fredrik olofsson 'ström' (fyrec dvd 2008)
  • 1 track on the compilation 'a prehistory of live coding' (toplap cd 2007)
  • 2 videos for the swedish electronica compilation 'collectanea' (escapi dvd 2003)
  • 3 tracks on the compilation 'morpheus' (mushimushi cd 2001)

selected papers/articles:

  • computer music journal sum06 + dvd - 'klipp av: live algorithmic splicing and audiovisual event capture'
  • read_me04 - 'live algorithm programming and a temporary organisation for its promotion'. co-author
  • icmc2003 - 'a protocol for audiovisual cutting'. co-author with nick collins

selected presentations:

  • sep2014 presentation. creative constraints, fonoteca nacional, mexico city
  • oct2012 presentation. reflect, musikkteknologidagene, notam, oslo
  • may2012 presentation. audiovisual mappings, l'ull cec, esmuc, barcelona
  • oct2010 presentation. artistic constrains, l'ull cec, esmuc, barcelona
  • dec2009 presentation. music in the global village conference, budapest
  • nov2009 presentation. eamhören, tu-studio, berlin
  • nov2008 panel discussion 'media arts and new productions'. ycam, yamaguchi
  • jul2007 presentation 'live coding practise - another month'. loss livecode festival, sheffield
  • may2007 presentation 'breeding sounds and growing synthesisers'. humboldt university, berlin
  • jul2006 keynote speakers 'klipp av'. acmc06, adelaide
  • feb2005 toplap presentation at transmediale, berlin

selected teaching:

  • apr2017-jul2017 generative art - digital harmony. universität der künste, berlin, germany
  • oct2016-feb2017 generative art - immersive technologies. universität der künste, berlin, germany
  • apr2016-jul2016 generative art - surveillance and analysis. universität der künste, berlin, germany
  • oct2015-feb2016 generative art - clicks and cuts. universität der künste, berlin, germany
  • apr2015-jul2015 generative art - remote control. universität der künste, berlin, germany
  • oct2014-feb2015 generative art - back to basics. universität der künste, berlin, germany
  • apr2014-jul2014 generative art - portable sonification projects. universität der künste, berlin, germany
  • oct2013-feb2014 generative art - embedded systems. universität der künste, berlin, germany
  • jun2013 workshop 'the art of shader programming', nk, berlin
  • apr2013-jul2013 generative art - audiovisual programming. universität der künste, berlin, germany
  • oct2012-feb2013 generative art - 2 courses in audiovisual programming. universität der künste, berlin
  • oct2012 workshop 'sensorial and musical interaction', school of architecture and design, oslo
  • may2012 workshop 'audiovisual programming', l'ull cec, fabra i coats, barcelona
  • apr2012-jul2012 generative art - audiovisual programming. universität der künste, berlin, germany
  • oct2011 workshop 'e-textile', kunsthøgskolen, oslo
  • oct2011 workshop 'practical sound analysis', l'ull cec, hangar, barcelona
  • oct2011 workshop 'e-textile', school of architecture and design, oslo
  • oct2011 workshop 'spektrografi', skånes konstförening, malmö
  • may2011 workshop 'switch from pd', l'ull cec, hangar, barcelona
  • apr2011-jul2011 generative art - audiovisual programming. universität der künste, berlin, germany
  • jan2011 workshop 'supercollider', ems, stockholm
  • oct2010-feb2011 generative art - audiovisual programming. universität der künste, berlin, germany
  • oct2010 workshop 'e-textile', kunsthøgskolen, oslo
  • oct2010 workshop 'pointillistic sound', l'ull cec, hangar, barcelona
  • jun2010 workshop 'particular sound', nk, berlin
  • jun2010 workshop 'musical furniture', naba, milano

selected skills:

  • programming: supercollider, max/msp/nato/jitter/softvns, html5/sass/js, python, c/c++, java
  • electronics: atmel, arduino, sensors, midi, kicad, bluetooth