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2009-07-27 18:52 livecoding, supercollider

Live coding via SMS anyone? An expensive and annoyingly hard hobby for sure.

But the RedPDU SuperCollider class makes this possible in any case. It can decode mobile phone text messages in the PDU format. And with a serial connection to your phone (Bluetooth or cable), it is easy to directly download incoming SMS from your phone into SuperCollider and interpret them. No additional hardware required.

The class is available here: /code/sc/#classes and there is also an mxj Java version for MaxMSP called f0.pdu here: /code/max#java.

And here's a short demo video where I send a short message to myself...

The code I texted in this video was...

Pbind('degree', Pn(Pseries(0, 2, 5), 4), 'dur', 0.1, 'amp', 0.5).play

And the SuperCollider receiver function is in the help file. But note: on many phones it is impossible to type characters like {} [] \ | etc. You might want to add some find&replace functionality and use <> meaning curly brackets etc.

Note: I believe SMS PDU isn't in use much any more so this will only work with old (mid-2000) phones.

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